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Thailand. Chiang Mai (Suburbs). Wiang Kum Kam
Since 1984 remnants of about 30 ancient constructions — most of them temples — have been discovered in Wiang Kum Kam. This turned out to be the location of the town founded by King Mhangrai the Great which was the capital of the Lanna Kingdom for several years before Chiang Mai took over. Wiang Kum Kam still prospered till the second half of the 16th centure when the Burmese invasion and severe floods resulted in abandonment of the town which was then lost for the next 400 years.


Russia. Moscow Region. Museum Factory of Pastila
The famous apple pastila (marschmellow) has long been the face of Kolomna. In 2009 the old production technologies were re-installed here. And in the Museum Factory of Pastila the guests become the participants of a thrilling performance showing production of pastila as it was in the 19th century. To delight of the guests, the performance is followed by tea with sweet pastila.


Balearic Islands. Majorca. Palma de Mallorca. Palma Aquarium
In the gigantic Aquarium of Palma de Mallorca you’ll find yourself in the underwater realm where you could bump into an enormous shark (luckily, through the glass!), look directly into the eyes of a muraena or relish the dances of hundreds of colourful jellyfish. For visitors’ convenience by each aquarium there is an interactive monitor with detailed information in six languages.


Czech Republic. Plzen. Breweries Plzensky Prazdroj
Plzen Prazdroj is the brewery that has since 1842 produced the famous and unique Pilsner Urquell — the classic Czech beer from the noble Saaz hops. Interestingly, Urquell stands for «genuine» in German. The same meaning, indeed, is conveyed by «prazdroj» — the brewer’s name can be translated from Czech as «Pilsner from the source».


Canary Islands. Tenerife. Bodega Monje
Monje winery on Tenerife island welcomes those interested in learning the vine growing and wine making traditions. Today it's already the 5th generation of the Monje family that runs the family production of wine which started back in 1750.


In her multi-century history Greece, the cradle of the Western civilization, has seen a number of victories and defeats. Today we witness yet again that the beauty and natural appeal of the land, the openness and friendliness of its people haven’t ceased to impress the guests of Greece!


Italy. Sardegna. Capo Testa
Already in the Roman Empire Capo Testa in northern Sardinia was known for granite delivered from here to construct monuments — even the Rome Panthenon is said to be among them. But nothing can match the granite masterpieces of the nature itself in this cape! Through the centuries the weariless work of coastal waves and winds turned the numerous rocks into amazing stone sculptures of the most peculiar shapes.


Balearic Islands. Majorca. Pollenca
Today it takes to distance away from the sea coast into the mainland to get enchanted by the «true» Mallorca with its historical traditions — like you find, for instance, in Pollensa, a small town in the North-East of the island.


Sri Lanka. Pollonaruwa
Pollonaruwa is prominent for the Gal Vihara (originally the Uttararama),  a rock temple of the Buddha that is the most well-known one in Sri Lanka . Buddhist pilgrims as well as visitors from around the world are attracted to Pollonaruwa by the gigantic images of the Buddha that are preserved in the Gal Vihara. Formerly Sri Lanka's medieval capital, Pollonaruwa is presently listed in the UNESCO World Heritage.


Russia | Moscow Region | Kolomna
This ancient Russian city that dates back almost as far as Moscow has much to offer to any visitor, whether young or old. After a walk around the 16th century Kremlin, it is worth visiting the Museum Factory of Pastila (marshmallow) where you hop into the 19th century atmosphere and relish tea with pastila of the traditional taste, yet unknown to many.


Czech Republic.
«Pilsen, Open Up!» — this is how Pilsen (Plzeň), the Czech Republic, greets its guests now that the town is Europe’s cultural capital for 2015 (along with Mons in Belgium). Pilsen owns its worldwide recognition not only to the Pilsner beer (named after Pilsen) and the Skoda vehicles but also to Spejbl and Hurvínek — the famous puppets of one of the world’s first professional puppet theatres.


Montenegro. Sveti Stefan
Even though the island is only (besides special religious occasions) accessible to the clients of the luxurious hotel that covers most of the island’s territory, this shouldn’t upset the travelers. The legendary sunsets with island views can be perfectly observed from the village of Sveti Stefan on the mainland.


France. Normandy
Known for its harsh, striking sceneries Normandy is today one of the French’ beloved places of leisure. But over a thousand years ago this territory was overtaken by the Vikings, or the Norsemen (later Normans) led by Rollo (Robert of Normandy) and the attacks were made from here farther on the French land. The name Normandy (terra Northmannorum) itself originates from the Norsemen.


Balearic Islands. Majorca. Palma de Mallorca
The ever bursting atmosphere of life and cosmopolitism of Palma de Mallorca can only be matched in Spain by those of Barcelona. Palma founded by the Romans in 123 B.C. as a port for Africa destinations is now home to about half a million citizens and the flow of tourists serviced by the city’s airport exceeds 20 mln. people yearly.


Italy. Venice. Rialto Market
To get a feel of the Venetian atmosphere in its true colours one definitely has to stop at the Rialto Market while touring the Grand Canal. But remember to arrive in the opening hour 7-30 am when locals get their fish, seafood and other produce before the tourist crowds flock the spot later on.


Czech Republic. Melnik. Castle
Curious about the town of Queens? That’s what Melnik in the North of the Czech Republic is often called. 23 queens and princesses lived here, among them those who were «exiled» by the monarchs and those that ran away to the castle by themselves. The Melnik castle is also renowned by its wine cellars. The winery traditions originated here in the 14th century when King Charles IV had a grapevine brought here from Burgundy.


Montenegro. Kotor
Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Kotor’s main attraction is undoubtedly its medieval architecture well preserved till today. Visitors will long remember the Old Town of Kotor surrounded by ancient walls of 4,5 km that stretch high up the hill to St.John’s fortress on the top.


Thailand. Bangkok. Pak Khlong Talad
The overwhelming scent of exotic flowers in Pak Khlong Talat, the largest flower market in Bangkok, could enchant anyone in the area. This paradise of flowers, fruit and vegetables has most bustle at night and dawn when the florists from all over town get stock for the next workday.


Balearic Islands. Majorca
Majorca can be translated as «the larger one» (in comparison to the neighbour island of Minorca). Indeed, Majorca has become a favorite resort destination for a large number of very diverse guests. Year after year European retirees come to the island hotels, families with kids of all ages visit aquaparks and zoos, couples in romance relish the breathtaking views and summer residences welcome their owners, among which are politicians, actors and royal families of Spain and Sweden.


Russia. Moscow. Zamoskvorechie. Shoe repair shop
Take a look at the endangered dinosaur! Nowadays in Moscow one could hardly find a shoe repair shop like this. Those born in the USSR would with a bit of nostalgia look back at the so-called «Sluzhba Byta» («Consumer Services») already unfamiliar to the youth of today. All hairdressers’, laundries, tailors’, repair shops were regulated by the Ministry of the communal services (an already extinct dinosaur).


Sri Lanka
For long Sri Lanka (Ceylon before 1972) has been known as a leading tea exporter. And while the Ceylon tea is still highly valued, after the end of the 26-year Civil War in 2009 Sri Lanka is now regaining its reputation among travelers as an island state with deep Buddhism heritage and rich culture that has been in formation for over 2500 years.


Italy. Sardegna. Castelsardo
The castle of Castelsardo that was built in 1102 has ever since been the heart of the small town. The castle’s viewpoint offers strategically important (and genuinely marvelous!) views on the Gulf of Asinara, the entire northern seashore of Sardinia and even on the near island of Corsica.


Montenegro. Coast. Petrovac
Petrovac, a cozy resort town, offers plenty of sun and lively, democratic ambiance to its numerous guests that rush to the town’s sandy and pebble beaches in a picturesque bay.


Czech Republic. Zatec
Do you know that the compulsory ingredient of the classical pilsner beer is Saaz hops? Saaz hops derives its name from the Czech town of Zatec (Saaz), one of the oldest in Bohemia. Zatec where the hops production dates back to over 700 years ago is justly called «the hops capital».


Thailand. Ayutthaya
The architectural remains of Ayutthaya, its enormous monasteries vividly tell of the grandeur of this ancient town that once was the second capital of the Siam Kingdom. By 1700 Ayutthaya with population about 1 mln. people was one of the biggest cities in the world (and even the largest one at that time, according to George Modelski, Professor of Political science).


Russia. Moscow. Downtown
Nowadays Moscow downtown strikes with its dynamics and diversity. Surely, not even native muscovites would recognize that many of these photos were taken in the nearby streets to their homes.


Italy. Roma
«All roads lead to Rome» — one of the world’s most ancient towns that was founded more than 2500 years ago. But now we invite you on a tour of the modern Rome as seen by its citizens and guests today.


Myanmar (Burma) Bago
As the legend goes, Bago (a town in Myanma, previously also referred to as Pegu) was founded in 573 by two Mon princesses. Besides highly revered pagodas and stupas (the most prominent of which is the Shwemawdaw Paya), Bago is also famous for the Shwethalyaung Buddha — the second largest (55 m) statue of a reclining Buddha in the world.


Myanmar. Kyaikto (Golden Rock)
The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda was built on the Golden Rock on the verge of a mountain top. The legend says that the Golden Rock is balancing on the hill only thanks to the powerful relic — a strand of the Buddha’s hair that was enshrined in the Pagoda. Nowadays it is the third most revered Buddhist pilgrimage site in Myanma.


Montenegro. Skadar lake
Take a boat trip with a local guide on the largest lake on the Balkans and you'll get a chance to have a close look at the numerous varieties of birds nesting here, to touch water lilies that amazingly colour the water surface or to step into one of the ancient fortresses or monasteries built on the lake's islands.


India. Ladakh
While on the trek through the harsh Himalayan passes of Ladakh, one gets a rare chance to inhale the cosmic grandeur of the mountains, to open the door to the ancient Buddhist monasteries as well as to take a glance on the daily life in the highlands where the civilization is still barely existent.


Czech Republic. Znojmo
Every September Czech wine producers hold harvest festivals knows as Vinobraní. This is a good opportunity to taste Federweisser (burčák) — an alcoholic beverage, the product of fermented freshly pressed grape juice (must). The most notable festivities take place in Znojmo in Moravia, the center of the country’s wine industry.


Israel. Bethlehem
In mere 8 km to the South of Jerusalem there lies Bethlehem, the second most important town for the Christians. According to the New Testament, it is here in the Holy Crypt Jesus was born.


Tenerife. Vinatigo winery
In Vinatigo winery in Tenerife traditions go hand in hand with the latest industry trends — for instance, in tending vines the most modern trellis are used along with the traditional wooden pergola, a method learned from the Portuguese in the sixteenth century.


Thailand. Bangkok. Chinatown
Contrasting to many of Bangkok’s popular sights catering to tourists, the Chinatown exists for the locals. It seems that in the market hustle of these narrow lanes one can find any imaginable good for sale, taste any Thai traditional and the most exotic dishes and fully emerge in the spirit of the city’s oldest area that it has preserved for decades.


Peru. Ollantaytambo
During the Spanish conquest of Peru Ollantaytambo was used as a stronghold for Manco Inca Yupanqui, the leader of the Incas. Today the town is a common stop on the Inca Trail, the renowned tourist hike to Machu Picchu. And for those taking a train Ollantaytambo is a perfect place to spend the last night before the «Lost City of the Incas».


Myanmar (Burma). Inle Lake
The people of Inle Lake are called the Intha, or «sons of the lake». Indeed, they construct houses on stilts, tend vegetables on floating gardens and hold floating markets right on the lake. The men’s principal occupation is fishing with a distinctive bamboo creel. Even rowing is different here — the fishermen don’t hold the oar with hands but rather stand at the stern on one leg and wrap the other leg around the oar.


Italy. Sardegna. Santa Teresa di Gallura
Sea town Santa Teresa di Gallura previously known as Longosardo used to be the most significant port in Sardinia in the Roman period. Nowadays, the town practically falls asleep in winter and awakens by the start of summer beach season when the population jumps two to three times and numerous shops and cafes open up.


Philippines. Luzon. Lucban
The delicacies cooked in Lucban for the Pahiyas Festival can only be rivaled by the dishes prepared there for Christmas. The visitors of the Festival get a superb chance to taste various traditional dishes at one site, among which are the popular Pancit Lucban better known as Pancit Habhab (stir fried rice noodles mixed with vegetables, meat or seafood), Longganisa Lucban (garlic-laden sausage with pimenton) and lechon (a grilled shoat).


Philippines. Luzon. Lucban
It’s for the famous Pahiyas Festival that takes places annually on May 15th that travelers come to Lucban. The town completely changes during these days as the Filipinos are honoring and thanking San Isidro de Labrador (Saint Isidore) for lavish harvests by brightly decorating the façades, doors and windows of their houses with «kiping» (colored rice wafers) and the produce of the family (for instance, hats if the house owner is a hat maker).
Part 1.


Thailand. Chiang Mai. Wat Chedi Luang
The temple compound Wat Chedi Luang was renowned for its chedi that soared 90m high and used to be the tallest building in the ancient Kingdom of Lanna. Wat Chedi Luang was also well-noted as in 1468 it housed the Emerald Buddha, the most important relic in Thailand.


USA. California
In 1976, the unknown wines from the New World triumphed at the Paris Wine Tasting in a blind tasting format. The event gave a rise to the «California miracle» in the world winemaking industry. Robert Mondavi did not participate in the renowned wine tasting, but California wines earned their world recognition thanks to the visionary winemarker.


Italy. Sardegna. Santa Teresa di Gallura
During a vacation in the northern part of Sardegna one can take advantage of a quick 50 minute ferry journey across the strait from the port town of Santa Teresa di Gallura to the Corsican town of Bonifacio.


Czech Republic. Prague. Zoo
In Prague, save a day to grab a closer look at the inhabitants of one of the world’s best zoos (Forbes Travel 2007 ). The settings in the Prague zoo have been created to match the habitat of the species, many of which are no longer kept inside the cages but rather on the open territories accessible to the visitors.


Switzerland. Lucerne
Lucerne is one of the few Swiss towns that have preserved medieval town walls. And surprisingly, the clock on one of the watch towers of Museggmauer is privileged to ring every hour one minute earlier than the rest of the town clocks.


The ancient lands on which Israel is located are sometimes called the cradle of civilization. These Holy places are visited by the pilgrims of three world religions and travellers in the search of keys to the secrets of the humankind and its history.


Philippines. Luzon. Indang
Do you know how coffee Alamid, the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world is produced? A small animal called musang (palm civet) is fed with coffee beans that are afterwards taken out of its feces — thus, coffee is naturally fermented acquiring its outstanding tasting qualities.


Myanmar (Burma). Bagan
You will be fascinated by the serene charm of Bagan, flying at the sunrise in a hot air balloon and enjoying the bird’s-eye view of more than 5000 ancient pagodas preserved in the plain.


Canary Islands. Tenerife. El Sauzal
La Casa del Vino «La Baranda» hosts a wine museum and a wine cellar that offers the fullest range of wine with Denominaciones de Origen (Denomination of Origin) made on the island of Tenerife. Due to the absence of Grape phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae, a pest of commercial grapevines ) in the Canary islands, the region boasts of unique wine varieties that disappeared in other parts of the world.


India. Ladakh. Leh. Ladakh Festival
If you visit Lekh in early September, you will be a lucky spectator of the yearly September festival with polo and archery tournaments, local songs and dances with masks, and will get a chance to enjoy the colorful traditional Ladakhi dresses.


Czech Republic. Prague. Smichov
In the Smíchov, the oldest district of Prague, stop by at the renowned Staropramen Brewery where the first beer was brewed in 1871 and today it is exported to over 30 countries in the world. It is curious to note that Staropramen literally means «old spring».


Peru Nazca
It’s curious that Nazca lines created assumingly over 1500–2000 years ago came in the focus of scientific interest only in early 1900s when planes began to fly over the Nazca desert. The enormous geoglyphs reach about 270 metres in length and cover the territory of over 500


Canary Islands. Tenerife. Guimar
«Recibimos clientes... despedimos amigos» («We receive clients and we part friends») — this is the motto of cordial hospitality in a tiny hotel on Tenerife. Here guests are treated with delicious traditional dishes and wines of the region which are well renowned far beyond its boundaries.


Philippines. Mindoro
In the seas around the Philippine archipelago the fishers might come across a Belcher’s sea snake (Hydrophis Belcheri) in their nets. This snake makes the Guinness World Records as the most poisonous not only among sea snakes but of all snakes on the planet.


Myanmar (Burma) | Bagan
The enchanting archeological zone comprises thousands of pagodas, stupas and other buildings constructed in the ancient capital of Bagan (formerly Pagan) kingdom (mostly in XI—XIII centuries).


India. Ladakh. Leh
Leh, the capital of the ancient Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh, is located in the Indus Valley in the Himalayas. The prominent history of the city is brightly reflected in its architecture, notably the royal palace, known as Leh Palace, the Sunni Muslim mosque and the Namgyal (also called «Tsemo Gompa»), founded around 1430.


Czech Republic. Prague
Situated on both banks of the Vltava river, Prague boasts many bridges, including the renowned Charles bridge the foundation stone of which was laid personally by King Charles IV in 1357.


Thailand. Bangkok. Thonburi. Wat Arun Rajwararam
Wat Arun, one of Bangkok’s main Buddhist temples and landmarks, was named after Aruna, the personification of the dawn in the Hindu mythology. The first sun rays of the morning bring about the spectacular light reflections (iridescence) off the stones of the temple’s central prang.


Canary Islands. Tenerife. Parq Nacional del Teide
The hardened lava scenery of the the Teide National Park, the most popular national park in Spain, was a stage for episodes of such movies as One Million Years B.C., Star Wars and Clash of the Titans.


France. Paris
In Paris each traveler will definitely find a route most to his or her own liking and interests. History lovers won’t miss Les Invalides under the dome of which the remains of the Emperor Napoleon I Bonaparte were entombed.


Italy. Sardegna
The sea coast of countless bays, transparent emerald water abundant with fish in just a meter from the land and the sands to cater to any liking — the second largest island in Europe is fairly regarded as one of the best and the most pure in the region.


Montenegro is prominent for its warm Slavic hospitality and scenic mountainous and sea landscapes among which the Bay of Kotor stands out being the southernmost fjord in Europe and the only one in the Mediterranean Sea.


Russia. North-west. Kaliningrad
Despite war-time destructions, Kaliningrad (former Koenigsberg) preserved numerous fortifications that for centuries served for the town’s defense as well as old German buildings, and many historical buildings have been restored in recent years.


Philippines. Luzon. San Pablo. Villa Escudero
Impressively scenic everyday life of a traditional Philippine coconut plantation is witnessed by numerous guests of Villa Escudero — the central sight of San Pablo, Laguna.


Austria. Wachau. Weissenkirchen
Weissenkirchen, Wachau. This tiny Austrian town in the Wachau valley has a talking name which refers to the white church built in here in the 14th century. The church is surrounded by massive walls and towers to serve as a fortification.


Thailand. Bangkok. Rail Transit Network
Besides the underground metro system (MRT), Bangkok is also serviced by the elevated rapid train system (BTS), or simply the Skytrain. Its formal name is the Elevated Train in Commemoration of HM the King’s 6th Cycle (72nd) Birthday.


Italy. Venice. Grand Canal
Venice’s authentic flavour is formed not solely by its unique channels and architecture but by the city’s inhabitants and visitors. Incredibly diverse are the faces you come across in Castello, one of Venice’s six sestieri (municipal divisions dating back to the 12th century)!


Russia. Moscow Region. Borodinskoe pole
In the historic Borodino battlefield one can still experience the 19th century environment and try on the outfits of the age. «The Steadfast Tin Soldier» is a military and historic event for children that is held here every last Sunday of May.


Czech Republic. Cesky Krumlov
Cesky Krumlov on the Vltava River started around Krumlov Castle in the 13th century. Presently the castle is second largest within the Czech Republic and up to today it boasts Baroque music concerts held in simulated candlelight.


Cambodia. Angkor
«Angkor» means «city» in Khmer. The city’s wooden residential and public buildings decayed quickly in the hot and humid climate — so nowadays Angkor is a temple city. Its grand temples were constructed from stone blocks without cement or any other fastening materials.


Philippines. Luzon. Lucena
Take a look at how ordinary people live and work in one of the typical Phillipine cities. Lucena is locally classified as a highly urbanized city which is among 25 most developed cities in the Philippines.


India. Ladakh
«Little Tibet» — that’s how Ladakh, a historical region in the North of India, is often referred to. In these remote and truly scenic mountain spots you will find Ladakh monasteries, or gompas, where monks and nuns still live and study today.


Thailand. Chiang Mai. Maeram
Historically, women of the The Kayan Lahwi (Padaung) tribe wear rings that elongate their necks. In Thailand, one can see the Burmanese women that follow this tradition in several villages, including Maeram near Chiang Mai.


Austria. Wachau. Duernstein
Vintage wines are not the sole attraction of the old Austrian castle Kellerschloessl (the Wine Cellar) in Duernstein. The castle’s interior boasts pieces of art — humorous as well as truly realistic — most of which, of course, depict the life of the Wachau wine-making region.


Canary Islands. Tenerife. Buenavista del Norte
Canarian traditional pastries are best to taste in El Aderno pastry shop in Buenavista del Norte. It is considered to be one of the best bakeries in Tenerife — it even caters for the Spanish royal family!


Peru. Arequipa. Santa Catalina Monastery
Àt their daughter’s entrance to Santa Catalina Monastery (Monasterio de Santa Catalina) the richest Spanish families paid a dowry of up to 2,400 silver coins (currently equivalent to US $50,000). Today, approximately 20 nuns live behind the brightly painted walls of the convent and the rest of the territory is open to public.


Myanmar (Burma)
Looking at idyllic sceneries, ancient Buddhist temples and bright clothes of the Burmans, it’s easy to forget of the rough fate endured by this country, presently under military rule. Up till now Myanmar (the country’s official name endorsed by the UN) is referred to as Burma by many states that reject the name change made by the military regime in 1989.


Uzbekistan. Samarkand
«The blue sky and golden stars will always be over Samarkand», that’s what Timur (Tamerlane), the great conqueror of Asia in 14-15th centuries was saying about the capital of his empire.


Philippines. Tanduay Distillers Inc.
Local elderly as well as Europeans highly regard «Tanduay» rum — the most popular brand in the Philippines! You are welcome inside the plant that boasts 155-year history of producing rum and other spirits. The quality of «Tanduay» alcohol has been noted by numerous international awards.


France. Paris
«If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a movable feast» (from Ernst Hemingway’s letter to a friend, 1950). You are welcome to share this feast with us!


Thailand. Cuisine
Don’t start your Thai food photo journey if you feel hungry — the risk is great that you set off to a nearest Thai restaurant! Thai cuisine conquered the entire world and is famous for its subtle taste harmony in the immensely diverse combinations.


United Kingdom. Oxford
Have you known that many scenes from the blockbuster Harry Potter movies were filmed in Oxford? Today the city with the oldest university in Britain welcomes not only students and film makers — Oxford with population of about 165,000 people is yearly visited by over 9 mln. tourists.


Thailand. Chiang Mai (Suburbs). Wat Doi Suthep
«If you haven’t been to Wat Phratat Doi Suthep — you haven’t been to Chiang Mai», that’s what the locals say. Erected in the 14th century, Wat Phratat Doi Suthep became a Buddhist center in the Kingdom of Lanna and still remains a sacred site for many Thai people attracting numerous pilgrims.


Vietnam. Hanoi
Up till today Hanoi is often poetically referred to as the «Ascending Dragon» (Thăng Long): Emperor Lý Thái Tổ that ruled to erect the city and make it the capital claimed to have seen a dragon ascending the Red River. In October 2010 Hanoi will officially celebrate its 1000th anniversary — you’ve still got a chance to attend the festivities in this friendly and truly Asian city.


Thailand. Bangkok. Siam Ocean World
The Siam Ocean World contains 4 mln. litres of water and is inhabited by 30,000 of marine animals. This is where one may dare to glance into a shark’s jaw or smile to a lively seahorse!


Canary Islands. Tenerife. Puerto de la Cruz
Puerto-de-la-Cruz that became the first Canarian resort in the 19th century has preserved its traditional colonial charm up to our days. Tourists join in the leisurely rhythm of town’s life and enjoy the beaches with black volcanic sand. For construction of the most popular Playa Jardin beach about 230.000 m3 of volcanic sand was elevated from the bottom of the sea.


Thailand. Pattaya (Suburbs). Park Mini Siam
Imagine yourself Gulliver in Mini-Siam park with its collection of miniature models of famous architectural and historical monuments both from Thailand and other countries. A visitor can enjoy a bird's-eye view on the world and even reach an arch of the Eiffel tour.


Russia. Siberia (Eastern)
Endless lands of Krasnoyarsk Region and Buryatia have preserved its primordial beauty that impresses anyone. Baykal Lake that is poetically referred to as “the Blue Eye of Siberia” embodies the stern grandeur and might of these territory.


Thailand. Chiang Mai
For many Thailand is beach, the Sun and the sea — and it's all true. But you won't get disappointed by the northern Thailand either — try Chiang Mai! Here's a suggestion for a day in Chiang Mai — explore the sights of Vat Umongmakhater in the morning, escape from the noon heat in one of the chilly halls of Chivokkomaraphat and get a Thai massage class, and finally, when the Sun goes down, venture into Riverside Bar.


Italy. Venezia. Castello
Venice’s authentic flavour is formed not solely by its unique channels and architecture but by the city’s inhabitants and visitors. Incredibly diverse are the faces you come across in Castello, one of Venice’s six sestieri (municipal divisions dating back to the 12th century)!


Thailand. Bangkok. Grand Palace
On the first visit to Bangkok it’s a must to attend the Grand Palace – the official residence of the Kings of Thailand. The Palace dates back to 1782 when General Phra Chakri proclaimed himself King (he was named Rama I) and became the founder of the current-ruling House of Chakri of Siam (now Thailand). Today Thailand is ruled by King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX.


Swiss clocks, banking secrecy in Switzerland, Swiss chocolate... Get rid of the stereotypes — and you'll fall under the natural charm of this mountainous country and its unique culture that blends the traits of France, Germany and Italy.


Thailand. Pattaya
One of Thailand’s most renowned resorts that hosts up to a million tourists a year won’t disappoint you. When the sunny day at the beach gives way to darkness, one can’t resist joining the night party and participating in the unforgettably bright carnival.


Austria. Krems an der Donau
A visit to wineries is a must during one’s trip to Krems, an ancient Austrian town – it boasts more than a thousand-year history of wine-making. The classic Krems grape varieties are Grüner Veltliner and Riesling.


Russia. Caucasia. Bezengi
It's the highest and the roughest for alpinists highland of the Caucasus. Six out of the eight «five-thousanders» are located in Bezengi: Dykh-Tau (5204 m), Koshtan-tau (5151m), Shkhara (5068 m), Pushkin (5100 m), Dzhangi-tau (5058 m) and Mizhirgi (5025 m).


Thailand. Chiang Mai
Thinking about a journey to Thailand, don’t forget about Chiang Mai. Founded in 1296 (much earlier than Bangkok), the city is fairly regarded as the cultural capital of Thailand. Today there are more than 300 Buddhist temples («wat» in Thai) in Chiang Mai.


Philippines. Luson. Tayabas.
Where else would one see so many beauties in their exquisite traditional dresses? In May Flores de Mayo (from Spanish “flowers of May”), or Santacruzan (from Spanish “Holy Cross”) festivals are celebrated throughout the Philippines.


Ecuador. Mindo
A house without walls... How organically it fits into the surroundings! Built solely out of natural materials, this house on the Andes slope was devised and designed by its owners themselves — in the local construction tradition.


Tenerife. Canary Islands
«But, i’ faith, you have drunk too much
canaries; and that’s a marvellous searching wine,
and it perfumes the blood ere one can say ’What’s
this?’» William Shakespeare King Henry IV (Part 2, Act 2, Scene IV)
Discover the lure of Tenerife and Canary wine today!


Austria. Wachau
First human beings inhabited this area thousands of centuries ago... Nowadays the Wachau valley that spreads along the Danube river is in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. The wine produced in this region (first of all, of Grüner Veltliner variety) is renowned well beyond Austria borders. Keen on admiring the picturesque landscapes of the valley or learning of the local viticulture? Welcome to the Wachau!


Solovetsky Islands. Russia
The Solovki tempt and lure. Both pilgrims and tourists. In summer and in winter. For the first time and over again. One can attend every single place here within a couple of days — and yet an entire life time won?t suffice to learn everything about the Solovki. Over 50 photos have been added to different sections on the site.
Attention! You risk getting «solovized» as they say in Russia. The website won?t be held responsible for possible magnetic attraction to the Polar circle.


Norway. Tromso
Waterfalls, mountains, fiords, glaciers and islands — these all belong to Norway?s majestic nature that originated myths and tales of trolls that inhabited hills and forests of far North. Stop by in Tromso — it?s the most northern university town in the world situated 350 km to the North of the Arctic Circle. Warm waters of the Gulf Stream provide for the mildest climate among all other high latitude locations in the world.


Russia. Moscow. Metro
Many say that no subway in the world can match the Moscow metro in its beauty. “It’s a museum!”, was the first exclamation of Tim MacFarlane (Wisconsin, USA) as he descended to Paveletskaya subway station.


USA. Wyoming
Passing an arch of shed elk antlers, you will find yourself at the town square of Jackson, a gateway to the world renowned Yellowstone National Park. Established in 1872, Yellowstone was the first national park in the world.


Thailand. Bangkok
Bangkok is also known as Krung Thep («The City of Angels») or Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit. The latter translates as “the city of angels, the great city, the eternal jewel city, the impregnable city of God Indra, the grand capital of the world endowed with nine precious gems, the happy city, abounding in an enormous Royal Palace that resembles the heavenly abode where reigns the reincarnated god, a city given by Indra and built by Vishnukarn".


Italy. Valle d'Aosta. Aosta
Italy — Rome, Milan, Venice... But have you heard of Aosta? Founded by the Romans in 25 BC, the town is the heart of Valle d’Aosta province and is now an impressive museum of ancient Roman monuments and ruins (by the way, very well preserved) under the open skies.


Peru. Machu Picchu.
Close your eyes and relocate to the 15th century, to the mighty Inca Empire! Today, in the 21st century, you can still intensely feel the invisible presence of the town’s masters in the severe ruins of Machu Picchu – watch closely!


Chile is astounding by its geographic...
Chile is astounding by its geographic shape but there are more surprises here. The world’s driest desert is Atacama, the Easter Island is farthest from an inhabited place (by 2500 km) and the most…!


Co Chang. The “non-tourist” Thailand...
Co Chang. The “non-tourist” Thailand – take a look at a monkey school in the daytime and fishery in the ocean waters in the night!


Uzbekistan. Formerly Bukhara was located...
Formerly Bukhara was located on the Silk Road... Take a look at the miraculous architectural sights of this ancient city which has existed for over 2500 years!


Russia: "Moscow... how many strains are...
"Moscow... how many strains are fusing
in that one sound, for Russian hearts!"
what store of riches it imparts!"
From the epic 19th century romance Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin (chapter 7).


Russia: Solovetsky Islands. The rich...
Russia: Solovetsky Islands. The rich history of these isles that were shut from a stranger’s eye carefully preserves brightest and darkest pages. What are the Solovetsky Islands like today?


Peru. Don’t miss your chance – only once...
Peru. Don’t miss your chance – only once a year, in a traditional island Amantani on Lake Titicaca you can witness a New Year’s fiesta of the Quechua Indians


Philippines, Metro Manila. Giant prawns...
Philippines, Metro Manila. Giant prawns and shoats, juicy mango and fresh tuna - you will long remember the bright colours of the Philippine market and its lively merchants!


Thailand, Pottaya (Suburbs) - after...
Thailand, Pottaya (Suburbs) - after a wild night in Pattaya you won’t take a day-time nap – who can skip local exotics such as the elephant show or alligator farm?


India, Delhi: Lal Qila, or the Red Fort...
India, Delhi: Lal Qila, or the Red Fort is one of the capital’s major treasures. It is from here that Jawaharlal Nehru proclaimed the independence of India on August 15, 1947.


India, Delhi: the Jama Masjid is India’s...
India, Delhi: the Jama Masjid is India’s largest mosque. It preserves authentic items that belonged to prophet Muhammad. The courtyard of the mosque is 4000 sq.m and can hold up to 25,000 people at once.


Tenerife, the Canary Islands. If you...
Tenerife, the Canary Islands. If you haven't had a chance yet to see bananas growing, take a look at the banana plantations that were started in 1855.


Philippines, Baracay Island: its white...
Philippines, Baracay Island: its white sands enjoy fame far beyond the country’s borders. Taste the lure of the beaches and the culinary specialties as well as the daily life of the island.


Volny Veter travel newspaper is holding...
Volny Veter travel newspaper is holding a meeting for the like-minded people passionate about travelling and bardic songs. Stories and films on outstanding expeditions and hikes will be featured. You are welcome to join on March 31st at 16:00. Address:37 Donskaya Street (Shabolovskaya Metro station), Moscow. Tel. 8-499-199-05-63, e-mail:


Russia, the Barents Sea. Arriving in...
Russia, the Barents Sea. Arriving in the European North of Russia, you are getting immediately enchanted by the rough charm of its wild and yet untouched nature. Diving is possible in the Arctic waters too – discover the amazing underwater world of the Barents Sea.


Tunisia.A diverse, colourful and magic...
Tunisia.A diverse, colourful and magic land of East. The noise of modern cities and the calmity of the ancient streets. One of the most ancient and most beautiful fishing towns is Mahdia - its past was rich in adventurous happenings.


New York is known for its contrasts –...
New York is known for its contrasts – take a look at Harlem, a black neighborhood that is associated with poverty and lives a life of its own with eye-striking street fashion and local rules...


Russia is a vast land that unites two...
Russia is a vast land that unites two continents, Europe and Asia. The core of Russia is deeply hidden in the ages and the country of the 21st century is the crown which takes its roots in the Muscovite Russia and the Russian Empire of Peter the Great.


Cambodia - is the successor state of...
Cambodia - is the successor state of the powerful Khmer Empire. Angkor Wat temple that was built between 1112 and 1150 was devoted to Vishnu in Hindu religion. This is the largest religious monument in the world.


Peru, Lake Titicaca, The Islands Uros,...
Peru, Lake Titicaca, The Islands Uros, or the Floating Islands: meet the descendants of the Uros Indians that have for centuries preserved their unique life style. They still use the totora reeds to build their floating islands, lodges and boats and also enjoy parts of the reeds as their food.


Eñuador, Napo province. 120 new photos...
Eñuador, Napo province. 120 new photos from the Amazon selva (the Oriente). An unforgettable journey along the primary jungles, the Napo river, acquaintance with the Quechua Indian communities and much more...


United Kingdom, Wales: the land of medieval...
United Kingdom, Wales: the land of medieval castles and splendid views. Approximately one fifth of the territory is regarded as National Park. Wales (autonym - Cymru) is surrounded by the sea from three sides.


Philippines - the country of smiles and...
Philippines - the country of smiles and benevolence, 7107 islands and active volcanoes, vivid colors and juiciest mangoes, and "lechon"...


USA, New York: a view from the inside...
USA, New York: a view from the inside (Hard Rock Cafe) or from the above (the 86th floor of the Empire State building), and other images from the streets of the Big Apple - as they nickname the city.


India: Rishikesh is a holy town for the...
India: Rishikesh is a holy town for the Hindus and the informal «capital of yoga». In the mid 60s the Beatles came here for meditation. Today the town welcomes hinduism followers, meditation and yoga practitioners from any part of the world.


The Canary Islands: Lanzarote is indeed...
The Canary Islands: Lanzarote is indeed an island of fire-spitting mountains! The island which is only 60 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide boasts about 300 volcanoes.


United Kingdom. London - is one of the...
United Kingdom. London - is one of the most unique cities of the modern world. It survived conquests by the Kelts, Romans, Vikings and Saxons, two big fires, a plague invasion and bombing by the Nazis. Take a plunge into its charming atmosphere!


India catalogue has been re-arranged...
India catalogue has been re-arranged and new photos have been added.


India: unpredictable and enticing, the...
India: unpredictable and enticing, the land of ancient traditions is luring us with its colors, diversity and originality.


Canary Islands: take a look at these...
Canary Islands: take a look at these unique volcanic island thrilling its visitors with amazing nature diversity and picturesque landscapes.


Peru: a new catalogue featuring road...
Peru: a new catalogue featuring road sketches from the South of Peru is now on our pages.


Beta version of the site is finally ...
Beta version of the site is finally working.