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New article on the back of travels in Peru from Olga Lemeshko «"Quaint Name Titicaca".


Olympic bear cub Mitya
Now as we are watching the XXII winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, many of us are also looking back at the 1980 Olympics that took place in Moscow. Probably, everyone is aware that Bear cub Misha was the mascot of the Moscow Olympic Games. But do you know that the Moscow Olympiad in fact had a live mascot — the real Olympic bear cub Mitya?! Our article focuses on this very bear!


New theme «Faces»
Could you guess which country — or even simpler — which part of the world are these people from? Open up our theme «Faces»!


New theme
November 21st, as usually the 3rd Thursday of November, was marked by celebration of Beaujolais Nouveau, the freshly produced wine...


New themes — «Cars» and «Butterflies»
You are kindly invited to browse in our Themes compiled of photos from around the world. This is yet another great chance to grasp how diverse our planet is. We plan to issue such Themes on a regular basis, and today we’d like to present new themes — «Cars» and «Butterflies».


Our website already contains over 4000 photos
More than 4000 images from 23 countries in the world are presented in the «GeoMosaic» website.


“About GeoMosaic” section has been created.
To find out more about out web-site, take a look at “About GeoMosaic”. How many photos are there per country? How many views are enjoyed by each country?


The new design of «Geomosaic»
The new design of «Geomosaic» has been completed and new services have been added for the registered users.


Top Photos of the site
Don’t miss the «36 Top Photos of the site» collection!


Happy New Year!
For every visitor of the website, «Geomosaic» has prepared a special holiday gift — a new function «E-card».


Mihail Gurevich «Snake, Locust and Odorous Botanics»
Have you yet tasted the dishes of Thai cuisine? Mikhail Gurevich, a journalist and an admirer of Thailand, is presenting his top list of this country’s culinary masterpieces.


You may have got surprised by the new outlook of our good old “Around the World” site...
The website hasn’t only received a new name – “Geomosaic” but it also reached a new milestone. What new possibilities are now offered by Geomosaic? ...


Beta version of the site is finally working.
Beta version of the site is finally working.